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how often?

Pianos should tuned at least once a year. During the second six months your piano won't sound as good as it did during the first six, but your piano will still tune up well.

Any piano will be mildly out of tune after six months. So if you want to maintain your piano at its very best, and if you'd like to hear it very well in tune most of the time, have your piano tuning done every four to six months.

Here is a simple guideline, the farther off you let your tuning go, the faster it will go back out of tune after it is tuned. So it will help to have your piano tuning done at least once a year.

it's been many years!

If your piano hasn't been tuned in 10 or 20 years, the notes probably sound a half or even a whole note lower than they should. Yes, your piano can be tuned up again, and it is unlikely that not having the piano tuned for so long has caused permanent damage.

If it has been many years since your piano was tuned, it is likely that your piano will need two tunings to get tuned up again to its proper sound. For best results this should be done with two piano tuning appointments, giving time for the piano to settle before the second tuning. If urgent, two tunings can be done at one appointment.

piano tuning price

You'll find that we are average priced for professional piano tuners in the SF Bay Area. We prefer to have you contact us so we can be clear about your needs and we'll be happy to quote our prices. From beginner to recording artist, we take pride in our ability to deliver just the amount of work required to meet the needs of your playing level at a good price.

We keep our prices low and competitive while still giving you the benefit of over twenty years of experience and close to twenty thousand pianos tuned by our company. We hope our popularity and our history speaks of the value and satisaction you can expect from our work.

appointment info

Your piano tuning appointment will take one to two hours, depending on when the piano was last tuned, the pace of the tuner, sticky keys or other problems, and several other factors.

You can help us guarantee an excellent piano tuning by choosing an appointment time that will be relatively quiet. It's best if we can avoid loud sounds like lawn mowers, leaf blowers, vacuum cleaners, barking dogs, etc. while your piano is being tuned.

That being said, we've done plenty of great tunings in very challenging environments. We strive for great results in every tuning situation.

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Piano Tuning and Piano Tuners

Over time piano strings stretch and move a little bit, causing the piano to go out of tune. That's when it's time to call the piano tuner.

Playing in tune is fundamental to making music. From beginner to pro, it's important to stay in tune. You'll play more because practicing and playing will become more enjoyable. You'll also be learning how a piano is supposed to sound. On the other hand, a bad sounding or out-of-tune piano can be unpleasant to play, annoying to hear, and can hinder your ear training progress.

If you are an experienced piano player, you already know how nice it is to have a good piano tuner keep your piano in great shape.

If your practicing or playing isn't as fun as it used to be, it might be a sign that your piano needs some work. A fresh piano tuning can reinvigorate your entire musical experience. (We've see it happen time and time again!)

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