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voicing & regulation

When a piano is properly voiced and regulated a good player will have access to the full potential of the piano's wide dynamic range with clear tone, and a smooth, consistent feel to express every human emotion musically.

To deliver such a dynamic range a piano requires more than just being in tune. The brightness and softness of the tone can and should be adjusted (voiced) to bring out the best sound possible from the instrument.

Action regulation means setting all of the piano's internal adjustments so that each key is as responsive and consistent as possible. This is essential, especially for grand pianos.

repair & restoration

We do all types of piano repair, complete restoration and piano refinishing. Here's a partial list of common repairs:

  • Piano interior cleaning
  • Fix sticky, or wobbly keys
  • Find and fix squeaks and buzzes
  • Action adjustments
  • Pedal adjustments
  • Broken string repair
  • Broken pedal repair
  • New white and black keytops
  • Broken hammer repair
  • Soundboard crack repair
  • Pianomation installation and updates

piano refinishing

If you're interested in having a piano refinished you've come to the right place! We've been a Bay Area leader in piano refinishing for years.

Piano refinishing involves many steps including stripping, sanding, repairing, staining and lacquering the wood, along with polishing or replating pedals and hinges, and more.

Excellent results are only achieved by slowly building up the finish with numerous very thin coats of lacquer, and smoothing between coats. We take pride in attention to detail and we get great results! Piano refinishing references are available for you on request.

pianomation & players

Player pianos have come a long way since the days of pumping with your feet to make a piano play music from paper rolls. Rick Bourgeois can repair or completely restore those old pneumatic systems. He can also install a modern Pianomation or PianoDisc player piano system into almost any piano, new or old.

Today's player pianos use cds, mp3s, and wireless technology. They sound much more like a live piano player. They can even work with your stereo system to have an entire band accompany your piano! Pianomation installation does not interfere with normal use of the piano. Call us for more information!

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Piano Repair and Piano Restoration

We repair and restore all brands of grand pianos and upright pianos, including Kawai, Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, Young Chang, Chickering, Wurlitzer, old uprights and more.

Pianos can last well over 100 years, but they do require some routine maintenance along the way to keep them functioning properly. There are certain parts that wear out every twenty years or so with average use. This is often because the felt and leather parts of the piano action settle or get worn out. You might feel this as sticky, unresponsive or loose keys. Or you might hear that the sound has become muffled, harsh, or inconsistent from note to note. Older pianos could need restringing or soundboard repair.

Whatever the problem, big or small, we can fix it. From sticky keys to beautiful first-class refinishing and everything in between, we'll do the work at a competitive price. We have plenty of references available so you can rest assured your piano is in good hands!

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